We take in a lot of used styrofoam peanuts at Pak Mail. We believe strongly in recycling, and if packing peanuts are clean and odor-free, we’re happy to take ’em off your hands. In fact, we belong to the Plastic Loose Fill Council – a fancy name for packing peanuts. Better us than the landfill, which is too often the dumping ground of stuff that’s not even worn out. Of course, that’s changing — with the tough economy, people are hanging on to things they once would have discarded without a second thought. Resale shops, Goodwill and other places that depend on “gently used” discards are reporting increased sales but decreased donations.

So yes, bring your peanuts to us – and while you’re at it, check in your closets and garage for useful but no-longer-used items to donate to the charitable resale shop near you. They can use your stuff!