My husband and I went to dinner last night at a local restaurant, and had a very interesting customer service experience (not!). I ordered steak medium rare, and when I cut into it, it was medium to medium-well. The waitress volunteered to take it back. Two minutes later the chef appeared at our table with my plate in hand. “This steak is medium rare,” he said. “If you wanted it cooked less, you should have ordered it rare.” He then set the plate in front of me. Stunned, I looked at my husband and commented, “Obviously, I don’t know how I like my steak cooked. ”

Minutes later, the waitress was at our table, apologizing profusely. Assuring her we didn’t hold her responsible, I said, “Too bad the owner doesn’t know how his chef is treating customers.” “He is the owner!” the waitress responded.

As the owner of Pak Mail, I can assure you that premium service is a critical aspect of the experience you have when you become our customer. This begins with the friendly greeting you’ll get when you walk in the door; it continues with safely packaging your item and giving you the best rate for whatever you are shipping, and it doesn’t end until your item has been delivered safely and on time. If there is a problem at any point with the shipment, we’ll be your advocate with the carrier, and we’ll take care of any problems or claims that may occur. Customer service is as important to us as it is to you, and if ever you are disappointed with the service you receive at Pak Mail, please let us know.