Do you have heirloom china or crystal stemware you want to pass on to your grandchildren? These items are extremely fragile, and often valuable both for sentimental reasons and for their replacement cost. Packing these items to prevent breakage or damage requires time and care. Glasses and stemware are individually bubble wrapped; plates and bowls are protected with foam and bubble-wrapped in sets of 4. These bubble-wrapped bundles are placed in a sturdy corrugated container with packing peanuts to prevent movement or breakage. This box is placed in another larger box with packing peanuts. Double boxing like this cushions the delicate dishware against shock and vibration while in transit.  We’ve shipped lots of china this way, and to date have never had a broken piece!

Customers sometimes ask if they can use mover’s dish pack boxes for shipping china. However,these boxes are not designed for shipping –they’re designed for moving, in which the box is handled only a few times, not multiple times as for shipping.