Electronics like laptops, computer CPUs and printers are fragile and require extra care in packing. Did you know that the courier industry has specific packaging requirements for these items? They will deny any claims for damage when packaging is not to their standard. When you bring your items to Pak Mail, we prepare it properly to minimize damage or breakage. We even have a special laptop shipper that suspends your laptop in the carton to prevent shock or damage even if it’s dropped.

Flat screen TVs are extremely fragile. The screen is highly susceptible to breakage from the rough handling ground shipments sustain. Many customers believe they can simply ship the TV in the box it came in . . . but that box, even with the styrofoam inserts, is designed to be stacked with multiple other TVs on a pallet, not shipped individually. A flat screen TV needs to be double boxed or crated to ensure safe transit. Pak Mail will box or crate your flat screen TV so you can enjoy or favorite football games or reality TV shows without interruption!