Pak Mail specializes in packing and shipping artwork, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, etc. Galleries and artists in Whatcom County appreciate the personal service, care and attention we give to their works.

Our packaging technique for framed or unframed art involves several steps. Any item with glass is given a film of glass mask which strengthens the glass and protects the underlying print, photograph or original art. Original oils or acrylics are protected with acid free paper. Next, the item is wrapped in ½” bubble wrap or, for fine wood frames, furniture wrap, a soft, thick tissue wrap that prevents scratches and abrasions.

Then the item is sandwiched between layers of sturdy corrugated. It’s then placed in a special heavy-duty corrugated container designed for shipping. (Not all boxes are designed to withstand the rigors and trauma of shipping – but Pak Mail’s are.) For very high value or fragile artwork (over $1,500 in value) we build a crate lined with styroboard for extra protection. Finally, any extra space in the art container is filled with packing peanuts or 1” or 2” Styrofoam sheets. There should be no movement or shifting of the item when it’s packed and ready for shipping.

For 3-dimensional art or sculpture, we protect the surface with the appropriate material – furniture wrap, tissue, acid free paper,and/or bubble wrap. Depending on the value and fragility of the work, it’s placed in a single or double-wall corrugated container (custom built if necessary) or crate. The container is lined with 1” or 2” Styrofoam sheets and the sculpture is placed in the container.

To prevent shifting or movement in transit, the item may be strapped in place, or additional Styrofoam chunks may be used. Empty space is then filled with packing peanuts. Our packing provides exceptional protection against damage and allows Pak Mail to offer coverage for the declared value of the work, even beyond the carriers $500 limit.