The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

November 20, 2009 General

The holidays are coming, and with it the frenzy of shopping — and shipping. At Pak Mail, we’ve already packed and shipped a number of Christmas packages for customers who plan much further in advance than I do! But if you will be sending gifts and goodies to friends or family across the state or across the country, it’s wise to plan ahead – and ship ahead. Giving your packages plenty of time to get to their destination provides 2 important benefits:

1. It’s less costly. You can send them via ground carrier rather than air, and know they’ll still arrive in plenty of time.

2. You avoid having your packages get lost amid the confusion of the HUGE number of packages that get shipped during the last week or two before Christmas. That’s when lost, damaged and delayed shipments are most likely to occur.

If you have any questions about holiday shipping deadlines, the best way to pack an item, or what it’ll cost to get that box of goodies to your daughter in Dallas, give us a call at Pak Mail. We’re here to make your holidays pleasant!