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We have phone service again - so go ahead and call us to schedule that big freight job!

2012-08-09T15:33:31-07:00August 9th, 2012|

No Phone Service at Pak Mail!

Thanks to Comcast, Pak Mail currently has no phone service. In fact, we don't exist, according to Comcast. If you call our number (360-738-8919) you get a message that this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.  They're working to fix the problem (although not with any sense of urgency), so meanwhile, [...]

2012-08-09T11:58:52-07:00August 9th, 2012|

Greetings! We have greeting cards

Need a unique card for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just to say "Hi!"? We have a great selection of greeting cards. We prefer local/northwestern artists - for example, Bellingham woodcut artist Jesse Larsen; photographer Judith Green; as well as Ray Troll and others from Alaska and the Northwest. We've been told we have the [...]

2012-05-14T17:14:04-07:00May 14th, 2012|

Why We Love Costco (Doesn’t Everyone?)

I was watching a program on NBC last night about Costco, which revealed the "inside secrets" that encourage people to buy massive quantities of paper towel and breakfast cereal.  It occurred to me that I like Costco for their low prices, but more important, I admire Costco because it's a good, ethical company.  They treat their employees well, they [...]

2012-04-26T13:21:29-07:00April 26th, 2012|

Yes, we CAN ship that!

Crate with sculpture being shipped to Christy's Auction House, NY When customers come in to Pak Mail, the comment we hear most often (besides "What a cute dog! What breed is it?" -- referring to Dandy, our Yorkie-Shih-Tzu mix  -- or "Dandy, the Diva Dog," as we refer to her ) is "I [...]

2012-04-20T16:00:03-07:00April 20th, 2012|

Snow delays Pak Mail opening today

Due to snow conditions, Pak Mail is closed this morning (Wednesday, Jan. 18) but we will open this afternoon, as we have a couple of grandfather clocks being shipped tomorrow and we need to finalize prepping for their pickup.  If you have questions about shipping something, call us at 360-738-8919 and leave a message. Or [...]

2012-01-18T11:45:02-08:00January 18th, 2012|

Got something big, bulky, awkward to ship?

If you have something “unshippable” that you need to get across the state, across the country, or around the world, bring it to Pak Mail! (Or call us for free local pickup.) Nothing is “unshippable” for us. (Well, almost nothing!) We specialize in the large, odd-shaped, unusual and/or high-value items that everyone else tells you [...]

2012-01-17T15:55:34-08:00January 17th, 2012|
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