Yes, we CAN ship that!

April 20, 2012 Freight, General, International Shipping, Packaging, Stuff We've Shipped

Dandy, the Pak Mail shop dog

Crate with sculpture being shipped to Christy’s Auction House, NY

When customers come in to Pak Mail, the comment we hear most often (besides “What a cute dog! What breed is it?” — referring to Dandy, our Yorkie-Shih-Tzu mix  — or “Dandy, the Diva Dog,” as we refer to her ) is “I didn’t know you shipped THAT!” We often have pallets of freight in our shop, ready to be picked up by one of our preferred freight carriers. The freight may be a custom-packed table, chair, chest, antique sideboard; or perhaps it’s household goods going via ocean carrier to an international port. Sometimes it’s computer equipment – CPUs, monitors, and printers being shipped to a new office location. Or it might be a motorcycle or car (although we DON’T store those in our shop!) There’s very little we can’t pack and ship (except animals – and we know someone who can help you with that.) So if you want to send Grandma’s antique dry sink to Saratoga, give us a call. We can often give you an estimate over the phone if you have accurate dimensions, an estimated weight, and the destination. And don’t forget – we offer free local pickup!