Where do you need to ship today?

February 3, 2011 Freight, General, International Shipping, Packaging, Shipping, Stuff We've Shipped

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of international shipping – all sorts of things all around the world. For example, we shipped 6 large boxes of personal goods (mostly clothing and baby stuff) to Norway via DHL; a teddy bear to the Philippines; a full container of water purification equipment via ocean to China; a $600 Louis Vuitton purse to Germany; and smoked salmon and plush toys to Italy. These international shipments are in addition to an assortment of freight shipments across the U.S. – for example, 1,100 pounds of household goods to Surprise, AZ; and 2 glass-topped coffee tables – one to Tennessee and one to Nevada. The latter items require special care in packing, as glass is, of course, very fragile and will break if not handled correctly. Both pieces arrived safely and now adorn their respective owner’s homes.