It happens almost daily. A customer comes in to Pak Mail and sees an item on the retail floor being packaged prior to shipping . . . a dresser, grandfather clock, auto parts, multiple boxes of personal belongings. The next comment: “I didn’t know you shipped (fill in the blank)!”

“Yep,” we respond. “We do it all the time.”

We really do ship anything, anywhere. We have shipped a well drill to Peru, grandfather clocks to England and New Zealand, household items and furniture to Norway, Australia, Khatmandu, Mexico and points around the globe. We’ve packed and shipped fragile bone china across the U.S. and to England. We’ve shipped cars to Utah, Arizona, Florida and elsewhere. (We’re working right now on shipping a Toyota to Norway.)

But if you have a small package (or a large one) that just needs to get to a destination a few hundred miles away, we can do that too. We use UPS, Fed Ex, and the U.S. Postal Service, as well as freight carriers like Roadway, USF Reddaway, UPS Freight, R&L and others to get the most economical rates for you.

On this web log, we’ll be telling stories about some of the jobs we’ve done, and we’ll also offer tips for how you can save money on packaging and shipping. We have some funny stories we’d like to share with you, and unique items we’ve shipped (or been asked to ship – and declined.) We’ll tell you about them here. Check back often! And let us know if there’s something you’d like to learn about when it comes to packing or shipping.