Practice Safe Shredding

May 23, 2011 Business Services, General, Shredding

Isn’t it time to clean out those boxes and piles of papers in your home office – or your business? Those 10-year-old receipts, tax documents, credit card statements and other papers you no longer need (and you’re not required by the IRS to keep)? Sure, you have a shredder – one that shreds maybe 10-12 pages at a time . . . but how long is it going to take when you have 4 bankers boxes full? Make it easy on yourself. Bring those boxes of documents to Pak Mail. We weigh them, then place them in our secure, locked console, which is picked up regularly for destruction. Our shredding price is based on the weight of your documents (not the boxes!) — and right now, we’re offering an introductory price to shred your papers of only 69 cents a pound, making it an affordable solution for businesses and individuals alike. Best of all, your privacy is safe and secure. Shred it at Pak Mail – and protect yourself and your identity.