Planning for holiday shipping – Believe it or not!

September 17, 2010 General

Yes, it’s only September, and still summer, but we’re making plans for holiday shipping – and you should too! If you’ll be sending holiday packages to friends or relatives across the country or around the world – or to soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan or other foreign countries- plan ahead, ship early and save yourself headaches, hassle and most of all, money!

Shipping early assures you that your package will arrive in a timely manner, and keeps your packages out of the hectic holiday rush, when shipments are more likely to go astray, be delayed or even get lost. (It doesn’t happen often, but a lost package is still devastating when it’s yours – and believe me, when we’ve shipped a package that’s lost by the carrier, we feel the pain as much as you do.)

We’ll be posting suggestions and tips as well as recommended deadlines for all the carriers for holiday shipping, so keep an eye on this space – and start shopping (or home crafting) now so your special gift can beat the rush!